Healing RAin school 4.0 hawaii-october 16-25, 2020

Many times people unknowingly become something they are not and do it for so long that they forget who they are! It is only when we stop listening to all the outside voices, including the voice of our own deceptive heart that we will then begin our journey towards discovering who we really are. Join us for the 2020 Healing Rain School 4.0 Discovering the Real You; This is not who you are. Registration opens October 4, 2019 at a Super Early Bird price! Don’t miss out! Click below to find out more about this school and tickets will go on sale October 4, 2019!

Wai'anae 4.0 8.5 x 11 back2 2020-10.jpg

Healing Rain 3.0 Queensland, Australia March 20-29, 2020

Much of what we do is from the thoughts/feelings that we don’t even know about, as 95% of our thoughts/feelings are from our subconscious mind. God wants us to experience the renewing of our minds by discovering the root causes of our negative thoughts and feelings and then healing by the creative power of His word! “Don’t be molded by this world: But be changed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Registrations is open now for Healing Rain Australia March 20-29, 2020! Space is limited so register soon! Click below to find out more and to register!